Editorial Team

Mia Wallace – Editor-in-Chief

Mia Wallace is a master of linguistics and literature. She is a world traveller and a writer of multiple languages. Mia immerses in the culture, language, and prose of every country she sets foot into. Mia Wallace is the balance of our modest editorial team. She is our savvy editor who always comes up with the most surprising contemporary editorial ideas yet grounded with her love for classic literary reads. 

The delinquency of today’s minor sense of editorials is what drives Mia to rear-back classic editorial’s virtue. Quality content is what the world needs in this era of mass-produced blogs. She uprightly goes against the current when it comes to publishing articles that deliver no facts, entertainment, nor emotions. 

Digital marketing is slowly becoming a factory of similar bland parameters when producing editorials for unique thriving brands and it is due to the rampant increase in demand for ranking. While the world is racing towards the top optimising digital shortcuts, Mia Wallace is in no hurry when threading an editorial plan tailored to the brand’s identity, audience, and long-term goals. 

Micro-theme is an editorial company built to share and collaborate ideas with like-minded people working towards the same goal: exemplary functional content. Mia’s long-term vision is to bring back the essence of print-worthy editorials into the digital world. While there are many published articles online that lacks the spirit of writing, Mia thrives to be one of the few companies that deliver well-thought-of reads and copywriting pieces that reflects the true identity of the brand while tapping the right readers and affiliations. 

Micro-theme is a group of like-minded creative individuals slowly and carefully routing high-quality editorials into the digital scene. Mia is an important element in our mix. She keeps our common goals intact and going on the right path. 

Tom Helmore – Editorial Analyst

Tom Helmore is a journalist with life-long experience in feature writing. Over the years, Tom Helmore have seen changes in trends encompassing technology and lifestyle. Before the era of digital journalism, Tom Helmore was emerging in different literary seances all over the world. Meeting other writers presented him with a wider perspective and understanding as to why the downpour of middling content is slowly diminishing the world’s view and need of flipping pages of a book. 

Tom Helmore writes the most enthralling content with a twist of humour. He entertains, engulfs attention and demands undivided focus. His writing style is an amalgam of Nick Hornby’s comedic phrases and Murakami’s unswerving attention to descriptive detail. He is our human software for content that appeals to the savvy readers of the digital age. 

Tom Helmore can provide comprehensive scope, interpretation, and depth about events, lifestyles, brands, and people. He can come up with editorials ideas that can magnet attention. Tom Helmore knows the do’s and don’t’s when it comes to trend-setting a new digital culture for your brand. He can plan events that will make the headlines and craft brand content aligned with your brand image and products. 

Backed with in-depth research and performing the traditional FGD (Focused Group Discussions) online, Tom Helmore will closely break down every concern, question, need, and opinion shared by hand-picked FGD participants. The outcome of such an outright effort gives our assistant editor a clearer path on how to introduce the brand or product to its specific niche. With consideration to every positive and negative aspect of the brand, Tom Helmore leaves no room for a slight misinterpretation of the research results and interviews of which can substantially compromise marketing efforts. 

Francis Price – Creative Director

Francis Price is an ingenious visual artist. He creates using natural forms and shapes in plain sight. Ordinary things become extraordinary after Francis splashes his prolific creative hands. With his strong background in advertising, Francis can curate visual images and colours that deliver meaningful messages. 

As the art director of our team, he analyses every creative material our team creates before publishing. He is the one to ensure quality and meaningful message is relayed through a series of carefully picked graphics, fonts, hues, and design. The advantage of having the knowledge about advertising puts Francis’ creative works at the pedestal earning an excellent rate in terms of visual entertainment and marketing purposes. 

Francis does not only encompass the visual appeal of his craft but also the technical advertising share of it. By combining both technical marketing perspectives and creative elements, Francis moulds cohesive advertising content for the brand. He also parallels visual images, written messages, and visual impacts to specific purposes. 

Creativity is his forte’ but Francis continues to explore different skills, industries, and lifestyles to trigger progress in his craft. He develops strategies to enhance our team’s creative process and inspires a radical working environment. Francis keeps the balance between having creative freedom and making art with substance. If it’s something that stirs visually and emotionally, then it’s serving its intended purpose. 

Creating an ad is one thing, but presenting art that sparks interest while indirectly telling the audience to make a purchase or click the link is another thing. Francis creates visionary advertising materials for brands framed within the purpose of the ad, the brand’s image, and the essence of the products or services sold. Thus, as part of our editorial team, Micro-theme delivers written and visual content that can bring any company to the top shelf.