Brand retention needs a strong brand strategy that will foster your customers’ loyalty. Brand loyalty is a need for every brand that wants to garner success in the long run. Having loyal customers is cheaper when it comes to marketing efforts than having to bring new customers. Additionally, loyal customers spend more than new customers, hence, you will drive sales while having security. They are also very enthusiastic to share your brand with their friends and family if they feel your brand solved their issues. 

The Psychology of Building Loyalty

When fostering brand loyalty that triggers consistent purchases from loyal customers, your marketing efforts must help turn your customer’s purchasing power into a habit. It can be done by building subconscious emotional connections through your branding strategies. 

Your branding encompasses your brand’s personality, colour palettes, messages, mission, vision, values, and overall brand image. Using your branding elements, you can make the right emotional connections. You can optimise and utilise your branding strategies in a way that touches your customer’s hearts. 

Core Dimensions of Branding

Crafting a solid brand personality centres your marketing efforts on your solid brand personality. To do so, your branding must be cohesive all throughout your marketing efforts. 

Five Core Dimensions of a Brand’s Personality

So think about what words you want your customers to associate with your brand. The core dimensions of the brand mentioned above are not there to limit your creativity but rather tools or aspects that you can use and work around with will your branding efforts. Hence, your branding strategies will be cohesive and far from confusing. So decide on your unique personality and go crazy with your creativity to reach the right people and foster brand loyalty. 

Brand Colours

Colours make a great impact on almost anything. From your brand logo’s colour scheme to your packaging and website design, picking the right colours is crucial. Colours have emotional and psychological impacts. They give off distinct feelings to people that triggers an emotion. This is why some companies such as for example CLP Legal change their brand colours.


The way you communicate with your customers must also follow your branding techniques. The tone, words, and imageries you use must be consistent to successfully evoke emotions. The way you create your tag lines or marketing content must say the right words and deliver the right idea. If you are opting for something serious, humorous, or whatever it is that follows your brand image can foster the need to purchase. 

Essential Building Blocks for Building Brand Loyal

Exceptional Offerings 

The quality of your products is what makes customers become loyal. Quality is one of the first things people look for in a product or service. Thus, your offering must be exceptional to magnet customers and keep them coming back. 

Sense of Belonging

When your customer feel as if they belong in your small niche, they will feel like they belong and can relate to your brand. They will eventually become advocates of your brand and will recommend your product to everyone they know whom they think fits your brand. 

Top-notch Customer Service

Customer service is another factor that will motivate your potential customer to make a purchase. If they are satisfied with your service, they will feel such convenience and will not go looking for other options. 


Consistency takes away the confusion in terms of your brand image, mission, and vision. It drives a cohesive customer experience all throughout your brand. You will need to align everything with your brand image and personality. If you are to project sophistication then ruggedness in the next, your customer will lose their sense of your brand.  

Brand loyalty is the recipe for long-term success. Your brand will enjoy consistent purchases from your loyal customers while they bring in new customers to your brand without having to tap them with your marketing efforts. All you have to do is to take good care of those who are already loyal to your brand and make sure to keep them coming. 

By Mirco