First-party channels and social media content are often backed by market segmentation to increase their effectiveness. Audience segmentation helps marketers formulate push marketing strategies that are catered to the specific needs, wants, and values of the market. Marketing content targeted to a specific market segment also deliver specific messages relevant to that segment. 

One of the most advantageous aspects of push notification is that it can be designed, modified and scheduled in a manner of appealing to the unique seasonal buyer journey. Push marketing is an effective way to enhance and further amplify marketing efforts. 

Encouraging Action Using Specific Actions

Push notifications are instantly delivered to the subscriber’s device when a predefined action appears. Every push notification sent to subscribers creates a micro-moment between the audience and the notification that implies and present a solution to a problem or a relevant suggestion of what the consumer needs right now. It triggers a sense of urgency with essence. Hence, it results in a relevant engagement that will greatly influence purchase behaviour. 

Push marketing is a scheme that captures audiences at the right time with the right customer interaction. It leads to an engagement specific to the audience’s online activity. On-site actions, product viewing, reading a blog, newsletter subscriptions and other online activities that the consumer does online are closely looked at to come up with a tactic that will promote vital brand interaction while connecting to the consumer on a more personal level. 

Advanced Push Notifications Cam Almost Cater to Any Segmentation Possibilities

Push notification technology brings convenience to advertisers by allowing them to track custom data points apart from the automatic tracking push technology has gathered.  This feature promotes highly relevant push campaigns that will trigger engagement among the segmented market. 

Custom data point gives marketers the advantage of attracting marketing approaches that are flexible to cater to a diverse specific push marketing campaigns. Their relevant data points include last login date, subscription, referral status, last email opened, and other relative factors that project the online activities each target consumer does. 

After the advertiser establishes all these essential information and criteria that define the key audience segment, they will now be able to formulate the most ideal push marketing tactics executing various target-market-specific actions. 

Push Notifications Delivers The Right Message At The Right Time To The Right Audience

If the consumer is faced with content based on their buyer journey, they are likely to respond differently in contrast to content they have no concern or need about. Moreover, push technology also promotes marketing schemes according to the buyer journey’s phases. It also helps advertisers identify the right sales funnels to increase their leads, profits, or ensuring conversion. 

Kinds of Push Notification Technology

Push Notification for Brand Awareness

This push notification technology is intended for brands who want to increase their brand awareness by sharing relative and relevant contents and laying out how the brand can be significant in the lives of their target market and what solutions they can offer to the market. 

Push Notification for Consideration Phase

His push notification brings a detailed message about a product or a service that informs consumers in a more in-depth manner to trigger a need or a want at that specific micro-moment. 

Push notification for Purchase Decision Phase

In this kind of push notification technology, brands typically offer incentives to give a little push and bargain for conversion. Discount codes, freebies, and other incentives are effective in encouraging a sale. 

Push Notification Recaptures Inactive Users

Push technology reengages inactive users by projecting what they are missing. Brands are able to share new products, top reviews and other contents that will trigger an inactive user to reengage. 

It is not enough to send out notifications to people without examining their nature and buyer journey. Market segmentation serves as a guide to help brands create contents relevant to their audiences while push technology is the driver of that content. 


By Vanessa