The most common car crash in Western Australia is caused by driver’s distraction due to multitasking, head-to-tail crashes, car park strafe, and reversing to a non-moving object. Car crashes are abruptly increasing and vehicle crash claims are growing each year. Car accidents in Western Australia affected many lives and a huge number of the population is not well-informed about the standard operating procedures after experiencing a car crash.

There are certain actions that need to be done after crashing into someone else’s car or accidentally hitting a pole or a non-moving object on the road. Also, claims it will depend on how severe the damage caused and your insurance policy. 

If you happen to experience an unfortunate car accident, it is important to know the steps to avoid further damage on your end. It is a know-how that every driver in Western Australia must know and follow. No matter how stressful and devastating you must feel after crashing into another entity, as a driver, it is your responsibility to keep composure and follow road rules. On the other hand, these rules do not apply to a severe car crash where serious injury is experienced.

Precautions After a Car Accident

  • After crashing into a vehicle or an object on the road, it is a must to stop your car and immediately turn your hazard lights on. It is important to avoid further accidents and damage caused by passers-by and other vehicles on the road will be signaled in advance. 
  • Next is to check if it is safe for you to get out of your car. Then, carefully approach the other vehicle involved in the crash and check if someone is seriously injured or needs immediate help. Call emergency services as soon as you can if needed. 
  • If the accident is minor and can be settled between two parties, it is not necessary to call the police. On the other hand, you have to stay at the scene of the accident until help services arrive. 
  • If the crash is not too severe and your car or the other person’s car can be moved, move it to the side. If in any case the car is severely damaged, leave it with the hazard lights on. Then, you have to move to the side of the road somewhere safe and wait for help. 
  • It is inevitable that you might admit responsibility for the crash, but it is not an ideal thing to do. Wait until a full assessment is done and wait for the verdict. 
  • Lastly, collect as many details and information about the accident and the other parties involved in the crash. Make sure to jot down the witnesses if there are any. These are important data you will need when making a claim. 

Details You Need After a Car Crash

  • Ideally, drivers who experienced a car accident should stop and provide complete details of their names, contact numbers, and others. If the other party refuses, you are entitled to call the police.
  • If they cooperate, get the full name (ask for an ID if necessary or to make sure the name provided is legit), address, contact number, and email address. 
  • Write down the vehicle’s registration number, car model, color, and insurers.  
  • Take note of the date, the exact or estimated time the crash happened, the exact location, and all the other details you can remember during the accident. Also, note the street names, the vehicle’s position during the said crash, and any other vehicles that might have contributed to the crash. 
  • As much as possible, take photos of the crash, damages on both parties’ cars, and the area where the crash took place. 

By Mirco