The webinar is a new digital trend that makes learning more effective. A webinar is also a platform where experts in their field share valuable ideas online. Hosting a webinar requires several practices to ensure its success and make sure your attendees are learning something. So, if you are planning on hosting a webinar to promote your brand, here are a few of the golden rules:

Important Factors When Hosting a Webinar

Good Quality Audio

The audio is one of the most critical factors in the efficiency of learning during webinars. If your attendees can’t get quite a grasp of what you are discussing, then it is a sign that your hosting is not seamless. Regardless of how amazing your speakers are and how useful your content is if they are not properly relayed and not clearly stated, then it serves no purpose. Get a decent microphone, it doesnt have to be expensive. A simple Shure SM58 would do the trick.

What You Need To Improve Audio: 

Stimulate Your Audience

Webinars are not only intended for learning but also transforming your audience’s mindset along the way. It is best to have the ability to transform the state of mind of your audience in a positive and practical way. The whole point of why they went to your webinar is for transformation and learning. It also compels them to convert their ideas or mindsets. It keeps them engaged and stimulated if your content and your tactics in relaying the message is poorly executed. 

Make It Memorable

It is also equally important that you are able to entertain your attendees while at the same time giving them valuable lessons regarding the topic. If you can find some activities and ways to make your webinar far from boring the better. It will keep your audience interested all throughout the hours of having to sit in front of their computer. What the audience is looking for and wanting to achieve at the end of the day is knowledge and that knowledge is important for their transformation. Lastly, it is strategic to keep in touch with your audience even after the webinar so your name will stick. 

Prepare Games To Keep the Energy Going

Sitting in front of the camera for hours listening to someone talk can be dragging and draining of energy. So, as much as possible, you will need some diversion so your audience will not feel as if they are just there in the present without actually contributing or participating. Having some fun diversity will give your audience a great mood and more energy to engage. 

Answer Questions 

It is inevitable for your audience to ask questions during or after your discussions. As a good host, it is important that no question is left unanswered. No matter what the question is, it is ideal to stop and answer the question. One of the best webinars we have seen were run by Core Security , check them out on Youtube.

Have Replay Available in Multiple Formats

Having replays readily available for your audience is another tactic to keep them wanting more and visiting your site for updates. Most webinar attendees would want a copy of the discussion for their own review. Thus, as a host, it is crucial to provide this. 

Webinars are used by most businesses to promote their brand, increase brand awareness, or even relay their story to their potential niche. Hosting a webinar takes standard protocols to ensure that it will be worth the time of your audience. 

By Mirco