Perrenials flaunts the colours of summer. It exhibits blossoms in the most fascinating visual entertainment. Its patterns, leaves, and hues all contrived to sprout sunshine and smiles. Perennials show off a voguish appeal. Its blossoms are lively grotesque details that are tantalising to the eyes. 

Top Pick Summer Perrenials

Snapdragons  (Antirrhinum majus)

Snapdragons are beautifully clustered flowers spiralling down their thin robust stem. Some are tall with a royal statuesque facade while some are short and a bit subtle. The Chantilly variety shows off butterfly-like blooms with a twist of colourful elegance and delicacy.  

Taking care of Snapdragons must be handled with care. The seed is very tiny and thin. They are as delicate as their flowers or even more so.  Also, the seeds are prone to moisture; hence fungal diseases can be very rampant and damage the seedlings. To save the seeds from dying, sow them thinly so there will be better air circulation. Lastly, after the process, the propagator lid must be removed to avoid a damp atmosphere. 

Cosmos (Antirrhinum majus) 

Cosmos are typically easy to germinate and cultivate. However, if you feed them too many nutrients or richer soils, it tends to produce foliages than flowers. Hence, you’re not getting most from your compost spending. If you have limited space in your garden, you can grow a few varieties so it can suffice the limitation of your space or even time to care for them. 

Cosmos look at its best standing alone. It can be quite hard to merge them with other flowers, so, they are given the spotlight on top of your dining table. If you want a Cosmos variety that just doesn’t stop flowering, Purity is the best choice. 


Cleome flaunts an exotic style. It is ideal for those who’s doesn’t have the time to give because Cleomes are wildflowers. They are rampant in places where the sun is high and the soil is dry. Also, Cleomes are spiny hence it’s hard to pick them without damaging the stem. Cleomes are great if you want to add volume to your arrangement. 


Nicotiana is a tobacco plant that acts as a good filler to your arrangement. Nicotiana’s leaves are painted in a subtle lime green hue making it perfect to combine to almost any colours. There are many variety Nocotiana covers. Sunflower belongs to this group. So, given that sunflowers are almost self-sufficient, growing other kinds can also be quite breezy. 


Zinnias need no care. Zinnias grow very rampantly and it comes in different colours. From white, yellow, pink, to purple, Zinnias will look lively in your front yard. Zinnias has strong colours with a very distinct catch in the middle. It is where all the seeds lie that makes Zinnias sprout here and there. Zinnias has a lot of long curling petals as it matures. During the early stages of this flower, it has only up to 5 to 6 petals. 

Summer perennials aren’t hard to care for. If you want to have blooms in your garden. Perennials are a great choice not only because they’re easy but they will fill your garden with bright vivid magical colours!

By Vanessa