The music scene has been lately on the down-low. Artists all over the world are artisans of their craft and deserve to be heard. 2021 bred a lot of notable musicians and upcoming artists that create beautiful combinations of tunes, beats, and melody. If you want to get an update on the latest music, killer playlists music blogs are active in promoting new albums, new artists, and new singles. Here are the top music blogs you might want to dig to get your music feed updated.

Music Blogs With the Best Weekly Mixtapes

Stoney Roads

Stoney Roads have been in the music blogosphere for a decade now. They’ve been promoting artists that make music that makes you just want to groove. Stoney Roads are known for their dance music mixtapes. They showcase new music, the latest gossips, interviews, and new artists. Stoney Roads also organise parties to showcase new compilations of Australian music discoveries and they are slowly paving their way into making record labels. 

Livingroom Sessions

Livingroom sessions is a California-based music blog that started as an event where DJs play music at a random person’s living room. Livingroom Sessions hold a weekly event featuring new music from new DJs in town. They host events that throw in pure entertainment and eargasms. 

Mood-pacing playlists come fresh and hot weekly from guest curators. Livingroom Sessions website upload videos of their hand-picked performances of their favourite DJs that you can play for free at your house parties. From your bedroom tunes to ultimate disco mixtapes, Livingroom Sessions will feed your auditory nerves with music from different genres from different eras. 

Acid Stag

Acid Stag is your source of the latest indie and electronic music in Australia. They post tracks from artists you should have your eye on in the future. Acid Stag steered away from heavy electronic music, but rather, they explored more chill tunes and downbeats. Acid Stag is your best supplier of underground indie tracks and artists. 

One Song A Day

One Song A Days is your daily quick soundtrack of the day. They are a group of musicians from Sydney and Brooklyn where they connive two urban music feels into something fresh and unique. So, if you are short on your daily music track, you can always find something One Song A Day music blog. 


Pilerats is a Perth-based music blog that updates Aussies on the freshest west coast music they can dig. They are best at uncovering the best electronic music in town and they write the best music reviews and artist features. Pilerats hosts “Sounds From” to support the local music scene in Perth while launching their series of playlists consisting of their favourite new tracks across Australia.

It is always a good idea to stack up on new tunes or some old digs for rainy days. But if don’t have time to explore the latest trend in the music industry, music blogs will do the work for you. Even a weekly playlist to match your mood is just a scan away. 

By Vanessa