Reducing consumption can be a hard shift for every individual who is completely attuned to his everyday superfluous convenience. The world was programmed to embrace that. People are used to futile comforts that are lethal to the health of the planet that outcomes negligence and ignorance to what is happening in plain sight 

The internet is a paradoxical entity in this era that both contribute to the good and bad. While most carbon footprints came from powering the internet, the growing hours of internet users are also rampantly increasing. Thus, more fuel is needed to suffice the demand.

On the brighter point of view, one of the radical good things about the digital era is raising awareness; hence, resulting in an increasing number of eco-conscious individuals. Since the internet is already a part of the human daily life cycle. To which other living things do not benefit from, the internet has become a necessity. What everyone can do is gradually reduce internet usage, choose a gadget that will last for years, and refrain from wanting the latest gadget there is. 

Now is the time to help in future-proofing the planet. The dwellers of the Earth must practice sustainability. A sustainable lifestyle that goes beyond bringing your own water bottle or buying a canvas bag. 

Technologies That Help Shape Earth’s Brighter Future 

Green Nanotechnology

In India, composite nano-particles are used to neutralising microbes, bacteria, and other water contaminants. This discovery resulted in a $2.50 water filter budget per year. Apart from saving from the cost of using expensive non-sustainable water filters, it also saves a lot of people every from diarrhoeal sicknesses due to drinking dirty water. 

Other nanotechnologies that contribute to future-proofing the planet is titanate nanofibres that remove hazardous wastes and radiation and nano-scaled membranes that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Technology is becoming more and more advanced. The rising number of benefits and uses of nanotechnology greatly promote sustainability, safeguarding the planet, and balancing climate change. 

Bio-Tech and Bioeconomy

Due to the overwhelming increase of plastic pollution, bioplastics were developed, manufactured, and designed to biodegrade within a number of years. The same goes with biofuel, both came from different kinds of biomass ideally from any plant matter that is not edible. Biofuel can save up to 80% of greenhouse emissions from supply chains. 

Renewable Energy

Although most parts of the world still use non-renewable energy, some parts are already switching to sun, wind, and water energy. There are also options for residentials to install renewable technology such as solar panels, solar or hydro-thermal and other renewable sources of energy. Tesla technology, for example, is paving its way to the world. It will be a technology that will stick in generations to come. Renewable energy will be a trend in the future. The globe is starting to gradually shift into sustainable practices. 

Benefits of Sustainable Living to the World

  • No poverty
  • Zero hunger
  • Holistic well-being
  • Quality education
  • Clean water
  • Sanitation
  • Cheap energy
  • Ethical economic growth
  • Sustainable communities
  • Lush forests
  • Rich underwater life

Technology is both a blessing and a curse. Technology has the ability to either save or disrupt the world. Technology is something that should be used in perfect balance. Technology can either make or break the future of our planet. 

By Vanessa