A nice hearty breakfast is just what everybody needs to kickstart a hectic day. A fine coffee won’t suffice a good mood if your stomach rumbles on the way to work. A breakfast that will tingle your soul and will fill your stomach can be complicated but there are some that can be simple and full. 

Here is some hearty breakfast for your soul ideas:

Sausage and Potato Mini Egg Bakes

Instead of spending a lot of cash for a coffee at an over-priced cafe’s and having a little serving of the trendy sous vide egg bites, why not make your own? You can customise it with ingredients of your liking such as sausages, lots of pepper, and onions. Also, you can it as breakfast casseroles that can last in your freezer for a month without going bad. Reheat a couple of slices and squeeze some breakfast juice and you will be eating the breakfast of champions. Mix it up with some Bagel on Mondays and tortilla on Tuesdays, you get a good variety of breakfast makeshift. 

Stuffed Waffles

Stuffed waffles is a breakfast meal menu that will serve you right all throughout the day. The savoury batter of your waffles can be paired with your favourite leftover viands or go sugar rushing and stuff a lot of peanut butter and jelly. 

Vegan Banana Pancakes

Pancakes for breakfast is always a great idea. Pancakes make the best make-ahead morning menu of your pancakes since they never stop being delicious after sitting in your freezer. Additionally, you can dress up your pancakes with a variety of things you want to savour before you start your day. 

Nutty Chocolate Chip Pancakes

A nutty chocolate chip pancake for breakfast is something you say yes to, all the time. A fluffy walnut-filled pancake topped with some dripping honey and a dash of confectionary sugar will make your Sunday mornings extra special. You can make a lot of batches of these fluffy pancakes filled with happiness and sunshine and store them in your freezer. So when you feel like indulging breakfast pancakes during your midnight snack cravings, you can simply reheat one and throw in all your favourite kitchen ingredients.

Lemon-Honey Sweet Rolls

If you want a zesty morning, why not make your own lemon-honey sweet rolls? A little something sweet and tangy to jumpstart your Friday morning mood. The citrusy goodness of lemon-honey sweet rolls will radiate you with a nice zesty mood all day. You can start with a golden raisin filled roll and drizzle it with a splash of lemon glaze and some other things you want to throw in, and you’re good to go!

Buttermilk-Banana Waffles

Buttermilk-Banana waffles can sit in your freezer for two months without losing their touch. You can chop some banana and be generous with the buttermilk and put it in your mixture and you will get a moist two-month-old freezer waffle. 

A hearty breakfast will make your day. Starting the day in a good mood will make you even more productive and motivated all throughout the day. So, if you want to splurge your money on some cafe’s little servings of blueberry waffles, then you’re not making a practical choice. But if you want a delicious sumptuous makeshift breakfast, these ideas are the best way to start. 

By Vanessa