Holotropic Breathwork is a radical way of self-healing and achieving wholeness. It is a New Age practice that is still being developed by psychiatrists. Holotropic Breathwork is a type of breathing exercise that involves complete control and rapidly-paced breathing patterns. This practice can affect your mental, emotional, and physical state which can alter your consciousness. Each person’s experience is unique to his current state of life and emotions. 

How to Practice Holotropic Breathwork?

Practice in a Group Setting

Holotropic Breathwork is ideally practised with a group of people. It is also recommended to have a trained facilitator to guide you all throughout the experience. Some retreats offer individual sessions. 

Practise in Pairs

When practising in pairs, typically, the other one is the breather and the other is the sitter. You can both take turns. It will help both parties have the confidence to have someone looking out for them while experiencing a deeper sense of spirituality. 

The Sitter Must Not Interrupt the Breather

It is important for the sitter not to interrupt unless it is crucially needed. The sitter’s responsibility is to simply support and keep the breather safe at all times. 

A Facilitator To Guide The Session

When there’s a facilitator that gives directions, it increases the speed and the rhythm of the breather. Thus, it helps them get there faster. Usually, the breather is asked to close their eyes and breathe rapidly as fast as they can. And as the breather’s speed increases, it’s the practitioner’s job to keep it even to avoid hyperventilation complications. The session typically lasts for two to three hours. 

The Breather Must Lie Comfortable on a Mat

For an optimal experience, the breather must be in a safe and comfortable place. Also, it has to be spacious so the breather can freely move. 

Play a Repetitive Music

Rhythmic music will help the breather gain momentum and rhythm. It helps encourage the breather to enter the altered state of mind and consciousness. You can start from tribal drumming to hearty music, then finish it off with a meditative tune. 

The Experience is Personalised

Every person who practises Holotropic Breathwork have their own goals, problems, and standing in their current life. Even your experience the first time from the second can differ depending on your emotional and mental state. 


Benefits of Holotropic Breathwork

This practice is commonly used for treating psychiatric conditions. It helps alleviate depression and anxiety. Additionally, practising Holotropic Breathwork can also deliver a satisfactory sense of feeling relaxed, stress-free and heightened self-awareness. 

When you take time to trust your environment, focus on the deeper meaning of your existence, learning to trust and support people around you and knowing your ability to heal yourself will give you potential benefits. 

By Vanessa