Our bodies have muscles and they are designed for optimal wellness. Thus, it does make sense if we say our faces also need exercise.  Face yoga is kind of a new concept that believes face exercises can slow down aging, help alleviate tension in the face, and help tone your face’s underlying muscles.

If you are worried about the drastic lines appearing on your face or soggy skin that makes you look five years older than you actually are, face exercises is one solution that can bring optimal movements in your face muscle. 

6 Face Exercises to Tighten and Tone Facial Muscles

1. Upper-Eye Exercise

Upper-eye exercises can give your upper-eye area muscles a little boost. If you want to keep your eyes bold and beaming, do this simple eye exercise. 

How to do upper-eye exercise?

Step 1: Take three middle fingers from both hands and place them under your brows. 
Step 2: Slowly push your eyebrows upwards. 
Step 3: Look straight ahead so your forehead muscles can help resist your finger’s upward movements.
Step 4: Hold it for ten seconds but on the seventh second, close your eyes. 
Step 5: Relax and repeat a couple more times.  

2. Chin-Ups Exercise

Chin exercises are important in keeping the lower part of your face firm. It can also help maintain your chin muscles toned and prevent laxity. 

How to do chin-ups exercise?

Step 1: Place two fingers under your chin bone. It is the soft area where your tongue is situated. 
Step 2: Press your chin upwards, gently.
Step 3:  Then, push your tongue upwards. *if you’re doing it right, you feel a contraction on your fingers upon lifting your tongue. 
Step 4: Relax and repeat the process 10 times. 

Chin Exercise Variation Two

Step 1: Lift your chin by two inches. 
Step 2: Press your tongue upwards.
Step 3: Look up the ceiling.
Step 4: Slightly open your mouth.
Step 5: Hold the position for five seconds. 
Step 6: Repeat three more times for 10 seconds each.

3. Neck Stretches

If your neck is tense and tight, it will be visible on your face. The tendency is that your eyes will appear smaller and your face will look like it’s sogging downwards. Thus, it is helpful to give your neck a stretch and massage to relieve the tension and loosen it up. 

How to do neck stretches?

Step 1: Tilt your head towards your shoulder. *either left or right
Step 2: Place your hand above your head.
Step 3: Slowly and gently push it towards your shoulder. 
Step 4: Do the same on the other side. 
Step 5: Massage the back area of your neck and both sides of the spine. 
Step 6: Massage your neck upwards from the base to the lower area of your skull. 

4. Under-Eye Exercise

The most sensitive part of the face is the undereye area. The skin is thinner in contrast to all the other areas of the face. But, the muscles behind this soft spot still needs some action. 

How to do under-eye exercises?

Step 1: Look upwards. 
Step 2: Raise your lower lids.
Step 3: Close your eyes.
Step 4: Hold the position for five seconds. 
Step 5: Release and repeat three more times. 

5. Crow’s-Feet Exercise

Crow’s-feet exercise is intended for the outer edges of the eye. It helps prevent unwanted thin lines and saggy skin. 

How to do crow’s-feet exercise?

Step 1: Place your thumbs on the bones in the corner of your eye. 

Step 2: look upwards without moving your head.

Step 3: Gently press your thumbs inwards or towards your eyes. 

Step 4: Flutter or move your eyelids for five seconds. 

Step 5: Release and repeat three more times. 

6. Jaw-Tightening Exercise

It is common for people to experience saggy jawlines as they age. This is due to the daily routines you do every day like looking down on your phone or gadgets for long periods. 

How to do jaw-tightening exercise?

Step 1: Lift your chin and form a taut line in between your chin and clavicle. *make sure not to extend it too much

Step 2: Turn your head to the right and look over your shoulder in the same direction. 

Step 3: Jut out your jaw. 

Step 4: Hold the position for five seconds. 

Step 5: Release and repeat three more times.

Step 6: Do the same on the opposite side. 

Face exercises are helpful in keeping your face muscles at optimal range. Just make sure to be consistent, always go in the upwards direction, and give firm pressure when massaging. 

By Vanessa