In this era where uncertainty is always uncertain, safety must always be in the minds of travellers, wanderers, and lovers of adventures. The great outdoors brings an indescribable feeling for those who have eyes to see. And to actually be present at the moment physically, mentally, and emotionally, one needs to feel secure and ready for any mishaps that could happen fortuitously. 

Here are some safety tips when travelling outdoors:

Travel With Friends

As Alexander Supertramp from the film Into The Wild once said, “Happiness is real only when shared”. It is true in so many ways. There are moments that you want to enjoy the beautiful view of the towering mountains alone, but it becomes even more of essence when there’s someone there with you. On a different note, having a companion when outdoors is vital when things go out of hand. You will have someone to rely on and help you when random accidents happen. 

In case of emergency, having a companion will come in handy. Apart from you have someone to share carry the weight of your outdoor necessities, you also have someone to help you navigate, perform first-aid, call for help when one is unable, and enjoy the beauty of nature together. 

Prepare Physically

When hiking or going to the mountains, you will need your body to be in its best condition. It’s not easy to hike a sloping road for hours under the scorching sun. You need all your strength to overcome the obstacles of the outdoors. If you’re hiking with a group, you wouldn’t want to be a burden to the whole group making everybody wait for your breathing to go normal. 

At least weeks before you go on a hike, you will need to increase your endurance. You can go on a slow-paced jog every day at least for 20 minutes. You also need to build your legs so you are able to walk up a towering trail. If your body is in good condition, you will also avoid medical emergencies or unwanted accidents. 

Dress-Up Appropriately

It is also crucial to dress appropriately when outdoors. You will need to protect yourself from the harsh heat from the sun and other insects that may cause some diseases. So, before diving outdoors, take note of the weather on the day of your hike so you will know whether or not to bring a raincoat, dress lightly, or bring a brimmed hat. 

Double-Check Your Equipment and Outdoor Essentials

The day before you leave, you will need to check your equipment if they are working perfectly. Make sure that everything has no damage or you don’t leave anything. It is also important to check if there’s something missing from your list. Additionally, check if your first-aid kit has everything you need and is modified to the activities you will be doing outdoors. 

Learn Basic First-Aid

You need not have any medical background to learn basic first-aid. In case of emergencies, having the knowledge of properly performing first-aid can help prevent death or worsened the injury. So, if you are an adventurer, it is a responsible thing to learn the basics of first-aid. 

By Vanessa